Are you or do you know someone facing a challenge?

Being taken into a hypnotic state makes a person better able to respond to suggestions. Therefore, hypnosis can help people change certain behaviors, such as stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, sleep issues, fears, improve confidence/self esteem, etc. Medical research has determined hypnosis as very helpful for people preparing for surgery or receiving chemotherapy as it facilitates self-healing, decreases need for pain medication, allows quicker recovery and decreases worry/fear.

This session includes consultation to determine your goals, hypnosis session and follow up phone call. Personalized home audio recording also included. Session usually lasts 1-1.5 hours


Soul Level Healing Session 

In need of a healing on a deeper level?

Get to the root cause of your current intuitive reading paired with a guided spiritual journey.

Soul Level Healing Technique

This is an intuitive powerful spiritual journey into the soul mind.

The Soul Level Healing process takes you through a self discovery journey where you can locate the cause of your challenges. Once you become aware of the cause, you are guided into a higher level of consciousness where you have your own intelligent resources to help you understand how parts of you play out your unsettled thoughts and unhealed emotions causing unhealthy patterns in your life. During your journey, you will connect with those parts of you that are ready to begin the healing process. You will also become aware of how other parts of you have been protecting you from feeling your feelings, blocking your healing process, causing anxiety/fear and limiting you in all areas of your life. 

You are the only one who really knows your pain and you are the only one that has the resources to heal it. Let’s journey together to heal and free yourself from these unresolved issues.

This session includes consultation, soul level session and follow up phone call. This session usually lasts 2 hours.


Any person scheduling an appointment that is preparing for surgery or undergoing chemotherapy will be offered a discounted fee.

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